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This last year has been… well… quite a year. Often I feel conflicted about how so much joy can exist along side so much grief. In many ways the happiness and feelings of completeness have been born of great sadness and loss. It feels strange, […]

“Good luck, bad luck – who knows?”

My dad always used to tell this story about a man who had both good and bad things happen to him. He had a good harvest of crops and the people of his village told him he had such good luck. He would reply, “Good […]

Everyday Life

Everyday Life

Last night after watching a few episodes of This is Us, Toby and I headed towards bed. This is Us always makes me a little emotional… ok, a lot emotional. I always walk away from it deeply grateful for the life I have. I think […]

My Brother’s Wedding

My Brother’s Wedding

Best moment of the day: standing in the front of the church photographing my brother getting ready to walk down the aisle and marry his perfect match… bawling… then seeing him flash me an “I love you” in sign language. I won’t ever forget it. […]


So apparently, I’m a dog person. 🙂 The kids’ Christmas gift came a little early this year… We already love her so much (even though she’s up more at night than either of our babies were)! These are from Thanksgiving Day and our trip down […]

Happy Halloween!

I love them… Hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween! – Annie



Emma (to me, her arms full of stuffed animals): Hey girl, can you take this money [hands me a random piece of paper] so we can buy some pets? Noah (to Emma): He died so now we have to throw him in heaven. Emma: [puts […]

02.03.12 – 02.13.12

02.03.12 – Conversations 02.04.12 – Pretend 02.05.12 – Family 02.06.12 – Visit with Amanda 02.07.12 – Traveling to Sessions 02.08.12 – Bathtime 02.09.12 – Time with the Kiddos and a Visit from Grandma 02.10.12 – Snow… Finally. 02.11.12 – At the Scherrer House 02.12.12 – […]