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This last year has been… well… quite a year. Often I feel conflicted about how so much joy can exist along side so much grief. In many ways the happiness and feelings of completeness have been born of great sadness and loss. It feels strange, […]

“Good luck, bad luck – who knows?”

My dad always used to tell this story about a man who had both good and bad things happen to him. He had a good harvest of crops and the people of his village told him he had such good luck. He would reply, “Good […]

A Piece of My Heart

There are so many photographers in Cincinnati… and many of them are really, really great. It’s true. Life has kept me from keeping up with them like I used to, but I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful group of […]

Don’t Forget to Live

This weekend was Father’s Day. I’m sure you knew that already because it was an explosion of dads all over Facebook, commercials, the radio, and everywhere else. As it should be. Fathers are an invaluable part of our society and I so enjoyed being able […]

Fresh Eyes

I’d been looking for it… I knew it would be in one of the many bins that Toby and I have gone through as we’ve been organizing the basement, but as the numbers of untouched bins dwindled, I could feel the fear creeping into the […]

An Irish Love Song

As I said in my last post, music is my second language. It’s always been powerful for me on so many levels. A simple melody on an acoustic guitar, the strain of a cello, the layers of notes that make a piano come to life… […]

By My Side

I’m a Mary. Any of you that grew up reading the Bible will for sure understand the meaning of that sentence – especially if I were to add “not a Martha”. It’s true. My family is full of Martha’s and I love that about them. […]