02.03.12 – 02.13.12

02.03.12 – Conversations

02.04.12 – Pretend

02.05.12 – Family

02.06.12 – Visit with Amanda

02.07.12 – Traveling to Sessions

02.08.12 – Bathtime

02.09.12 – Time with the Kiddos and a Visit from Grandma

02.10.12 – Snow… Finally.

02.11.12 – At the Scherrer House

02.12.12 – Writing Her Valentines

02.13.12 – Winter Day

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Christmas came in August

Christmas came in August

I can still remember stopping in the middle of Kohl’s and reading it for the first time… It wasn’t anything big or show-stopping – just the truth, written on a simple Christmas card. The truth that was put so beautifully that I knew in that […]

Noah’s First Day of Preschool

Noah’s First Day of Preschool

It seems like yesterday that I wrote this post… Today was much harder for me than Emma’s first day of preschool. Emma was potty-trained, but Noah isn’t there yet. I worried about him having an accident or needing me to come change his Pull-up literally […]

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