Month: January 2012

01.18.12 – 01.21.12

01.18.12 – Playtime. Those last few remind me of this one… *sigh* 01.19.12 – Game night. She won! And then dressed up her brother… Oh goodness. 01.20.12 – Before bed. 01.21.12 – Icy day.

01.10.12 – 01.17.12

01.10.12 – My tired kids. 01.11.12 – Good music and rain. 01.12.12 – Emma, more good music, and Noah’s 1/2 birthday party at school. 01.13.12 – Dinner’s almost ready. 01.14.12 – Waking up. 01.15.12 – Emma and Noah. 01.16.12 – Emma and Belle. 01.17.12 – […]

The Power of Dreams

The Power of Dreams

I was driving home from the hospital last night and I happened to catch Air1‘s Martin Luther King Jr. mix of The City Harmonic’s “I Have A Dream (If Feels Like Home)”. As I listened, I cried. I was struck with the power of dreaming. […]

Eight Minutes with Emma

For my photo of the day today, I spent eight minutes with Emma before her nap. We have so much fun playing together. I am so blessed to have her as my sweet little girl. More 366 photos below as well. – Annie 01.05.12 – […]

My Daddy, My Hero

I’ve looked up to my dad my whole life. He’s consistently taught me things that range from fishing to parenting, listened, held me when I needed to cry, encouraged me to follow my dreams, compared cancer stories, and will always be one of the best […]

366 Project :: 2012

This past year I took plenty of photos, but they weren’t as spread out as they’ve been in the past. I found myself putting business stuff over shooting photos of our everyday life and that’s just not me. So this year, I’m going to make […]